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ZOO Old Newz
Something tells me it was all happening at the ZOO...
Find out our old news below, most recent at the top:
6th December 2010
A frank and detailed review of Psychodrama by JazzMann -
"An adventurous offering with much worthy of praise, not least the contribution of guest trumpeter Guy Barker."
Read more on the Psychodrama website.
17th November 2010Recording / Reviews
A nice review of "Psychodrama" at FATEA Magazine - read it on the Psychodrama website.

7th November 2010

Click for the Jet Collective website

Gigs / Reviews
ZOO, Stuart McCallum and the Beats and Pieces Big Band joined forces with promoters the Jet Collective and Leicester's Y Theatre to present "Jazz x 3".
Comments about the event, and the performers, included:

"Thought Zoo were excellent, detected some Allan Holdsworth influences in the playing of one R.Clegg, with a bit of Mahavisnu thrown in!" Y Theatre

"The Y Theatre hosted one of the most imaginative and innovative jazz performances I've heard for a long time."

"First up was Stuart McCallum playing ambient style solo guitar, sometimes enhanced with electronic loops. Amazing Grace showed his musicality as he did something new with a hymn, while original Vital Space added electronic reminiscent of John Martyn. John Coltrane's Blue Train was the highlight."

"Next up were Zoo. I could have listened to more of John Sanderson's reeds, and there was a moment of genius in the introduction to original Walking Not Running with Middle Eastern sounding bass clarinet and wordless vocals..."

"Then with a fanfare of blazing horns, the Beats & Pieces Big Band announced their arrival in style, playing witty, innovate arrangements."
Leicester Mercury

28th October 2010David Ives
We're sorry to report the passing away of our great friend, performer and educator, David Ives. David played and toured with us a few years ago, and he and Vera were always great supporters of our musical activities.
24th July 2010Gigs
ZOO play two sets at the delightful CafeBar Contemporary in Nottingham. A superb venue, with a great sound team, lovely staff, good food...what more could we want?!
12th July 2010
ZOO are delighted to announce that the latest CD "Psychodrama" was today launched on iTunes. Listen to the tracks on iTunes. Listen to longer tracks on MySpace. Visit the Psychodrama website.

16th May 2010
Click for the Jet Collective website

ZOO, idst and Martin Taylor play to a capacity audience as part of the Jet Collective's "Jazz x 3" event at Leicester's Y Theatre. Pictures in the Gallery
21st March 2010Gigs
ZOO kicked off the 2010 gigging season with an invitation-only event at Norman Cross Gallery, near Peterborough, to showcase their latest material. Big "thank-yous" to everyone who came to the Gallery and made it such a great event. Pictures in the Gallery.
19th March 2010

Video / Media
Shooting videos of "Could've" and "Breathing In" at the G2 Studios in Sheffield, with Dan from Light Engine Films. Pictures | Video
(thanks to GO Outdoors for use of their parking)

18th March 2010
Click for the Jet Collective website
ZOO are delighted to be part of Jazz Times Three, featuring Martin Taylor, If Destroyed Still True, and ZOO, at the Y Theatre in Leicester on 16th May 2010. Details on the Gigs page.
A JET collective / Y Theatre collaboration
13th March 2010Recording
Project #7 has a name: "PSYCHODRAMA". More stuff in the CDs Section.
January & February 2010Recording
Busily over-dubbing and mixing the new album...
21st December 2009 Recording
Top UK trumpeter Guy Barker came to the Greenhouse studio in Derbyshire to record material for the new ZOO album. Photos
1st December 2009 Recording
ZOO relocated to Ian's spacious house to spend two intensive days recording the fifteen (yes, fifteen!) core tracks for the new album. And we're delighted with the results! Thank you to Ian, Jennifer and Madeleine for allowing us to take over your ground floor! Photos
18th November 2009Website
We've migrated the ZOO website to a new server at Easily. We now have 10x more webspace, allowing us to bring all our photography back on-site, and also to have enough space for the mp3s of the tracks on the new album.
12th November 2009Gigs
ZOO played Spice Jazz at Cambridge Circus, central London. Thanks (not really!) to Ken and Boris for the Congestion Charge (which clearly doesn't work!), and TFL for over-zealous traffic wardens - hardly conducive to bands trying to deliver live jazz to the city. Genuine thanks to all at The Spice of Life.
1st November 2009Gigs
Viva Viva in Hornsey tonight unavoidably cancelled - sorry.
25th October 2009Gigs
ZOO played the Hockley Hustle at Escucha with Pete Johnson, The Hot Club, Jazz Junction, Squib, Mandy Tatton, Matt Chandler and Me & Mrs Jones. The whole Hustle (200 artists at 20 venues) raised over £20,000 for charity.
2nd October 2009Video / Media
The video for "Big Red Bus" is in Audiotube's top 5 playlist this week - view via the ZOO Video Page.
10th September 2009Gigs
We now have the timings for ZOO's appearance at the Hockley Hustle event on 25th October: we'll be playing from 9:45 to 10:15 pm. More details on the Gigs page.
9th September 2009Video / Media
The video for "Big Red Bus" is topping the Audiotube playlist - view via the ZOO Video Page.
6th September 2009Gigs
ZOO play a stonking gig at the Yardbird jazz club in Birmingham. Thanks to everyone there for making it such a great evening. Plus we got a brief mention on Janice Long's show on Radio 2!
13th August 2009
Picture of Zoo with Guy Barker, during the sound check, by Simon Mackney
Collaboration and Gig
We've had a great week, rehearsing with Guy Barker (who's not only an amazing trumpter, but a smashing bloke as well), (pics) and then performing at the Bonington Theatre with Guy, to a large and enthusiastic crowd (pics). Huge thanks to Tim on sound, Bob on lights, Simon and Faye for taking photos (Photos by Simon Mackney).
7th August 2009
Picture of Guy Barker by David Redfern/Redferns

Ahead of the collaboration and Bonington Theatre gig with Guy Barker, ZOO are reviewed by Alan Joyce in the Nottingham Evening Post - read the review on the Review Page.

Picture: David Redfern/Redferns

28th July 2009
Video / Media
The video for "Big Red Bus" can now be viewed on Audiotube via the ZOO Video Page.
The video was shot on the 7th March by students from De Montford University, Leicester, UK
15th July 2009 Gigs
ZOO will be playing at this year's Hockley Hustle in Nottingham on 25th October. Details on the gigs page.
12th July 2009


Festival Weather
The weather was kind - but only just!
All three of our festival appearances were blessed with fine weather - but it was a near thing.
It had rained overnight before the Lichfield Jazz Festival (pics) on 27th June, but the huge marquee was pretty immune to the elements anyway. But fine afternoon weather meant the audience could spread onto the rugby pitch for 'al fresco jazz'.
The MetOffice had warned of a 'light shower' affecting the private party in the walled garden at Norman Cross Gallery (pics), but instead we had a torrential downpour just before starting the first set. We were ok under our (well, Stamford RiverCare's!) marquee, and the audience sheltered in the Gallery. When the sun came out, everyone returned for a perfect summer's afternoon of music.
Prolonged rain was forecast before the Stamford RiverCare gig on 12th July (pics), but our concerns that the riverside site might be too boggy, or flooded, were unfounded, and it was a perfect afternoon, albeit rather windy, and with just a light shower at one point.
Such are the trials and tribulations of playing music in tents! The weather can do what it wants now - the rest of our gigs are indoors!

27th June 2009Gig Review
Read a review of ZOO's performance at the Lichfield Real Ale, Jazz & Blues Festival by The JazzMann.com on the Reviews Page
25th June 2009Gigs
We are delighted to announce a gig at "the hottest jazz venue in London" - SpiceJazz - on November 12th. Details on the gigs page.
20th May 2009Gigs / Festivals
Festival reminder: ZOO will be the opening act on Saturday 27th June at the 20th Lichfield Real Ale, Jazz and Blues Festival. And then we'll be on again at 4pm. More info on the Lichfield website, or ring 01534 262223
14th May 2009Video / Media
The video for "Big Red Bus" can be viewed on Youtube via the ZOO Video Page.
The video was shot on the 7th March by students from De Montford University, Leicester, UK
29th April 2009

ZOO's new album 'END OF THE TELEGRAPH WIRES' is now available for download through i-Tunes and others.


You can also hear samples of every track on the album website at www.endofthetelegraphwires.co.uk, and buy the CD from i-tunes, our record company (Red Admiral), the JazzCDs website, and from the Sales page on this site.

28th April 2009Gigs
More gig dates: Yardbird (Birmingham), 6th September; Stamford RiverCare, 12th July. Details on the Gigs page.
27th April 2009
Picture of Guy Barker by David Redfern/Redferns

ZOO are delighted to confirm the performance details of our collaboration with Guy Barker: after a week of rehearsing at the Greenhouse studio, we'll be performing with Guy at The Bonington Theatre in Nottingham on 13th August. Tickets are £10 from the Box Office on 0115 956 0733. Details on the Gigs page. (Presented in association with JAZZ STEPS)

Picture: David Redfern/Redferns

26th April 2009
Nick Smart
ZOO continue working with ace trumpter Nick Smart at our second collaboration workshop, as part of the EMJazz "Rhythm-a-ning" project.
We now have details of the two gigs which will feature Nick: 4th May at Sleaford Live Festival (The Hub), and 17th May at the Yardbird Jazz Club in Birmingham. Details on the Gigs Page.
April 2009
Video / Media
ZOO's videos of 'Dirty' and 'Leave it all behind'
are topping the Audiotube charts! Thanks to everyone for watching and listening.
24th March 2009
Video / Media
ZOO are now part of the Audiotube video portal. Find us on the Red Admiral Channel in the audioblog, and the videos for 'Dirty' and 'Leave it all behind' can also be found on the main Red Admiral Channel.
23rd March 2009Gigs
ZOO are delighted to announce some new gig dates on 2nd May (Cheltenham Jazz Fringe), 6th June (Bournemouth) and 4th July (Rutland private party) - details on the Gigs page.
7th March 2009Video
ZOO cruise around Leicester on a double-decker bus, shooting a video of "Big Red Bus" with staff and students from DeMontfort University. Pics Video
1st March 2009
Nick Smart
ZOO work with ace trumpter Nick Smart at our first collaboration workshop, as part of the EMJazz "Rhythm-a-ning" project.
24th February 2009Video
ZOO travel to Camden Lock in London to shoot a video of "Energy" with Layla and Greg from BalconyTv. Big thanks to old friend Paul from Oz, and Lynne and her assistants, for roady-ing the gear up onto the balcony. Pics | Video
9th January 2009Video and Photo Shoot
ZOO renew their working relationship with LightEngineFilms, shooting a video for "Leave It All Behind", off the new album "End of the Telegraph Wires", at the Escucha Club in Nottingham. Pics. Video.
At the same time we had some new individual and group pictures taken for the portfolio by Simon Mackney.
1st January 2009Happy ZOO Year from the ZOO Crew
December 2008

ZOO are delighted to announce collaborations with two of the UK's leading jazz trumpeters.
The outcome of being selected for the EMJAZZ "Rhythm-a-ning" competition (see 23rd November 2007) is to rehearse and perform with Nick Smart between March and May 2009, culminating with performances at or around the Newark Jazz Festival.
And then in August 2009 we're planning to work with Guy Barker

December 2008
ZOO play two gigs: at The Yardbird, Birmingham and Dexter's Jazz Club, Nottingham, to pre-launch the new CD "End of the Telegraph Wires". Huge thanks to Tom at The Yardbird for sound, and to Jake at Dexter's for the opportunity to play there again. Also to Brian for the superb photos.
Yardbird Pics. Dexter's Pics.

30th November 2008

ZOO on the radio: a one hour interview with Airomee Wind on The Que98.2

26th November 2008
Link to the ZOO video page
A highlights video of ZOO's gig at Escucha in Nottingham in October can be found on YouTube - check the Video page
13th November 2008ZOO play The Hubb, Nottingham, with John Sanderson and David Ives
10th October 2008Diary Date: ZOO will be playing the Yardbird Jazz Club in Birmingham on 7th December 2008. More details on the Gigs page soon. Pics in the Gallery
9th October 2008ZOO play The Hubb, Nottingham, with John Sanderson and Ian Beestin. Pics in the Gallery
9th October 2008
Link to the ZOO video page
A highlights video of ZOO's gig at The Yardbird Jazz Club in Birmingham in July can be found on YouTube - check the Video page
30th September 2008
We've finished recording and mixing the new CD "End of the Telegraph Wires", it has a new website: www.endofthetelegraphwires.co.uk, and it's now with Copysound for mastering and duplication. And we absolutely love it!
1st September 2008Diary Dates: ZOO playing two gigs in Nottingham on 5th and 9th October - details on the Gigs page.
19th August 2008Where do you file a ZOO video?
Between The Feeling and Maria Carey! Entertainment Focus
The link is here: http://music.entertainment-focus.com/musicvideos.php
though it's probably changed by now...
13th August 2008
Link to the ZOO video page
The video of ZOO's second single "Dirty" is now on YouTube - check the Video page.
27th July 2008
ZOO play a storming gig at Birmingham's Yardbird Jazz Club, with John Sanderson on saxes & flute and Ian Beestin on drums & percussion. Pics here...huge thanks to the guys at Yardbird, especially Tom on the mixing desk. Video here
24th July 2008ZOO record a live acoustic version of "Mutual" at BBC Radio WM in Birmingham, and are interviewed by Lee Stone for the evening's "DriveTime" programme. Pics here, vid here
4th July 2008ZOO record a video for "Dirty" with LightEngineFilms in various secret locations around Sheffield. Pics here; video here.
25th May 2008ZOO play the Whitwick Live Trek event, in support of the Alzheimer's Society. Over £3,000 raised; pics here.
23rd May 2008Paul catches Peter Grant at The Key in Peterborough - great voice, great band and great atmosphere.
20th May 2008ZOO play Dexter's Jazz Club in Nottingham. Pics here; thanks to Jake for the return invitation.
11th May 2008

Whilst in the USA, Karen gave a live interview on The Que 98.2 Internet Radio station, with DJ/artist Airomee Wind and James Thalman of the Deseret News. Que 98.2 currently have the new single "Dirty" at No.2 on their playlist. "Annie" has also been added to their playlist.

Picture here
ZOO on Que98.2. Click to visit their web site
"At number two this week 'Zoo' with their song of growing popularity 'Dirty' made it to number two this week. We'll be interviewing Zoo live on The Que 98.2 on 'Jazz Class' live Sunday evening at 9PM MST/Utah time"
9th May 2008
Yardbird jazz club logo
Diary date: ZOO playing at the Yardbird Jazz Club, Birmingham, on 27th July 2008. Details on the Gigs Page
26th April 2008
ZOO play a private event at the Norman Cross Gallery near Peterborough. Pics here.
Thanks to Derek and Mary for hosting the event, and the brilliant audience.
21st April 2008ZOO are added to the playlist roster of Que98.2 FM internet radio in Utah, broadcasting from 3pm to 4am UK time.
21st April 2008
BBC6 Music logo - click for their website
ZOO's new single "Dirty" gets national radio play on Tom Robinson's programme on BBC 6 Music.
21st April 2008
ZOO play two sets at The Little Theatre in Leicester. Pics here.
Thanks to Jan for organising and promoting the event, and the staff at the Theatre.
(but NO THANKS to the over-zealous car parking attendant who ticketed both of our vehicles!)
12th April 2008
Rutland radio logo - click for their website
Radio play for the new single "Dirty" on Rutland Radio's chart show.
4th April 2008Review of the new single "Dirty" by FATEA Records - see the Reviews Page
6th March 2008ZOO announce another gig at Dexter's Jazz Club in Nottingham - 20th May. Details on the Gigs Page . This will also be where we launch our next single, "Dirty", from the "Greenhouse" CD.
27th February 2008
Link to Photobox
ZOO have started to use Photobox to store pics from gigs, recordings and rehearsals. We'll gradually move all our Gallery Images there, but for now pics from our recent gigs at Nottingham and Stamford can be found at http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/7713082 and http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/7713120 respectively.
20th February 2008Vote for ZOO! At the Parliamentary Jazz Awards: http://www.jazzservices.org.uk/, by 28th February.
10th February 2008ZOO are delighted to announce that they will be a playing an invitation-only event at the Norman Cross Art Gallery near Peterborough, on 26th April. Details on the gigs page.
9th February 2008
ZOO play a set at the Boomerang Returns Club in Stamford. Thanks to Graham and Bernard for sound and stage assistance, our fellow performers Vicki Clayton and Andy Whittle, and Rachel, for getting us the gig in the first place and bringing a crowd of friends!
5th February 2008
ZOO play two sets at Dexter's Jazz Club in Nottingham. A big thank you to the friendly and enthusiastic audience, and especially to Jake for inviting us, and Brian for taking photographs which should be on the site soon.
25th January 2008
Link to Jazzwise
Review of "Greenhouse" in Jazzwise - see the Reviews page
21st January 2008We're now delighted to confirm that the line-up for the Boomerang Returns gig in Stamford on 9th February will include Andy Whittle and Vikki Clayton. See the Gigs Page for more.
11th January 2008
Link to JazzCDs website
ZOO are now listed on the JazzCDs website, from where you can buy the "Greenhouse" CD. Thanks to Maisie for helping to set it up.
9th January 2008
ZOO's "Unsigned Chart" page
ZOO have signed onto the Unsigned Chart website, and uploaded music files and photos.
1st January 2008 HAPPY ZOO YEAR from the ZOO Team
24th November 2007
Geoff Gascoyne Project - click to open website
ZOO catch the excellent Geoff Gascoyne Project, featuring Jamie Cullum, Sebastiaan DeKrom, Trudy Kerr and The Juno String Quartet, at the Derby Assembly Rooms.
23rd November 2007Rhythm-a-ning - ZOO are delighted to announce that we have been selected by EMJAZZ to partake in their Rhythm-a-ning project. This is an artist development project which will support seven creative jazz groups based in the East Midlands in taking their music to the next level by rehearsing and performing with leading UK jazz musicians. The project was devised by EMJAZZ and is supported by the Lottery through Arts Council of England's Grants for the Arts. ZOO look forward to this collaboration next year, leading to three gigs at prestige jazz venues in the East Midlands. [Read more about Rhythm-a-ning]
20th November 2007Advanced diary dates: ZOO will be playing 2 sets at the Little Theatre in Leicester on 21st April 2008, and 2 sets at Dexter's Jazz Club in Nottingham on 5th February 2008. More on the gigs page.
8th November 2007Reg is interviewed by Derby Evening Telegraph for an article appearing on Saturday 10th November. "Suddenly" will also be on their website as a non-downloadable mp3. Read the interview here (Derby ET) or here (on the Zoo website).
17th October 2007
ZOO win the Best Jazz Artist category at the Glasswerk New Music Awards in London. Thanks to everyone for their support and votes in the earlier rounds, and also to all the artists, bands, organisers, promoters and staff at AKA London for a really excellent evening. Pics in the Gallery.
15th October 2007"Suddenly" from the album "Greenhouse" is released as a single.
10th October 2007
Link to ZOO's Listen2Listings page
ZOO have a page on the new Listen2Listings.com website, to promote gigs and 'build the fan base'!
8th October 2007The new date for the cancelled Boomerang gig in Stamford is 9th February 2008
3rd October 2007
Rutland Radio logo
Some good news - our soon-to-be-released single "Suddenly" will get some airplay on Rutland Radio this Saturday, 6th October between 6pm and 7pm. Thanks to Graham Wright at Rutland for his continued support.
30th September 2007ZOO have set the ball rolling on their next recording project, selecting 18 potential tracks for inclusion on the new CD. We'll start laying down the backing tracks at an intensive studio session soon.
23rd September 2007
Link to BBC Radio London "Late Show"
Well...ZOO very nearly made it onto BBC Radio London's "Late Show" midnight session this Thursday...but they've decided not to include any more live performances.
18th September 2007
Link to Stamford RiverCare website
Very advanced notice: ZOO and guests will be providing music at the Stamford RiverCare River Day on 1st June 2008.
18th September 2007
ZOO are finalists - i.e. in the TOP THREE - of our THREE categories at the Glasswerk Music Awards - 'Best Jazz Band' and 'Best Use of Instruments' and 'Best Trio'. Naturally we're a bit chuffed! Thanks to every single person who voted for us...now it's up to the judges. We'll be at the awards at AKA London on October 17th, so expect some photos here soon after!
22nd August 2007

Single Release and Review
Advance notice: the track "Suddenly" from the "Greenhouse" CD will be released as a single on 15th October 2007.

ToxicPete has already reviewed "Suddenly"; here's an excerpt: 'Suddenly' is slick and sexy, gently persuasive and very easy on the ear. There's no self-indulgence to be found anywhere here - ok, I know it's only a single of just over four minutes but Zoo keep it all nicely laid back and very much a no-frills kinda thing. Subtle percussion offers loads of space for the expansive bass work to cast its magic and with delicate piano and flute set against the bright, precise vocals the whole thing melds seamlessly into a damn fine piece of nu-jazz - as chilled as you want it to be or, as vibrant as you want to make it." More...

17th August 2007
Glasswerk Music Awards.
ZOO have made it to the final selections for the 'Best Jazz Band' award...

AND are in the top 12 for the other two categories 'Best Trio' and 'Best Use of Instruments'.

This Final Round voting is by text only.

To vote for ZOO, text:
TRIO K to 81581 and INSTRUMENT E to 81581

All texts cost £1.50 and 10 lucky voters will receive a free copy of 'Greenhouse'.

Please note: this service will cost UK£ 1.50 per transaction/entry. This is not a subscription service. You must be 18 or over in age and have permission from the bill-payer. Standard operator WAP, GPRS and SMS costs apply.
Service is available only to UKcustomers/networks. Please make sure that your phone is compatible. Pre-pay users ensure you have enough credit to receive texts. Orders usually take a few minutes to arrive but delays can be caused by network congestion so please allow up to 24hrs for delivery.
You may receive info/offers from the service provider. If you do not wish to receive these offers you may opt-out by writing to us or replying to any message with OPTOUT as the message content. Full terms & conditions can be viewed by going to www.3bill.com/eut. You can contact us by calling Customer Services on 44870 490 9808.

Voting closes on Sept 17th. The award ceremony takes place at AKA London on Oct 17th.

Thanks for your votes!

All the best

8th August 2007
Link to Zoo's SNOCAP page
ZOO now has a SNOCAP MyStore page, where you can listen to and buy tracks from 'Greenhouse'.
8th August 2007ZOO have the chance to appear at 3 venues on the Musicfinity Tour:

Sat 6th October: The Fez Club, Reading
Fri 19th October: The Orange Club, Leicester
Sun 28th October: Carrow Road, Norwich

If we get enough votes, we get to appear as part of the tour at these venues.

To vote for ZOO, click on the link below and register as a listener:


and then hit the vote button on ZOO's page - www.musicfinity.com/zoo

Thanks for your votes!

4th August 2007
Martin Taylor
ZOO catch the award-winning guitarist Martin Taylor at an intimate gig in Lincoln Cathedral.
More pics...
21st July 2007
ZOO with Cascade Dance in Kent - click to view
ZOO support the Cascade Dance performance of "Unravel" at the Lava Bar in Tunbridge Wells. Thanks to Tom, Sam, all the dancers and an appreciative audience for an excellent evening of dance and music. We look forward to working with Cascade Dance in the future. And thanks to Colin for coming to see us! Pics here.
5th July 2007
Steely Dan
ZOO catch the awesome Steely Dan at the NIA Academy in Birmingham.
More pics...
5th July 2007
Glasswerk Music Awards: ZOO are a seeded band in all 3 of our categories, and are therefore already through to round two of the voting -

Looking good in the Jazz section - ZOO are the only seeded band, with only 3 other acts appearing in R1 so far.
In the 3 Piece section, ZOO are 3rd on list of the leaderboard of seeded acts (out of 25).
And in Best Use of Instruments section, ZOO are 2nd on list out of 10.

To vote for us: please register here first: http://www.musicfinity.com/c.asp?awards ...
and then vote here: www.musicfinity.com/zoo. Thank you!
20th June 2007
Click for Greenhouse tracks on i-tunes
Listen to - and buy - 'Greenhouse' tracks on i-Tunes.
19th June 2007ZOO are delighted to announce a collaborative performance with Cascade Dance in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on 21st July. The venue is the Lava Bar on St Johns Road, TN9 4PE - map; flyer (jpg, 190k).
17th June 2007
ZOO at Rufford - click for more pics
ZOO play Envirofest at Rufford Country Park. The rain held off, and a number of bands and dancers entertained the crowds in the courtyard of Rufford Abbey, before ZOO closed the show, with David Ives guesting on flute. Pics here.
3rd June 2007
ZOO at Stamford RiverCare - click for more pics
ZOO play the Stamford RiverCare event. A perfect day of warm sunshine and light winds complemented ZOO's new jazz grooves, David Ives' jazz piano solo spot, and Scott and Sebrena Riley's acoustic soul set. The audience lounged on the grass and soaked up the music (and probably the contents of the beer tent next door!), and it was a great day for all the charities and environmental groups who attended. Pics here.
1st June 2007ZOO feature in a short article in Peterborough's vibrant new "Art and Soul Magazine" - read it here.
27th May 2007ZOO have been entered into the Glasswerk awards in three categories :

Best Trio | Best Jazz Band | Best Use of Instruments

To vote for ZOO, click on the link below and register as a listener


and then hit the vote button on ZOO's page - www.musicfinity.com/zoo.

The awards ceremony is in October at AKA London. Thanks for your votes!
24th May 2007'Greenhouse' gets a good review at the FATEA Records website: " 'Greenhouse' " is highly evocative and entertaining that draws heavily on jazz and mixes it into intimate and rich harmonies" ... ' "Greenhouse" reaches out and enchants.'
18th May 2007
ZOO in Durham - click for pics
ZOO play the 'Taste' event in Durham. Huge thanks to family and friends and everyone who turned up for this lovely relaxed evening, and to the organisers for inviting us. Even the weather was...mostly...good! Pics here
8th May 2007
Link to Stamford RiverCare
We have more details about who will be joining us on stage at the RiverCare event in Stamford on the 3rd June: Scott and Sebrina Riley. "Sebrina has a sound that has been described as Acoustic Soul. Heralding from Birmingham this young 26 year-old has already performed on BBC radio, as well as in London’s Leicester Square. Her future is definitely one that will be a bright one!"
7th/8th May 2007
Click for more pics
The new CD Greenhouse is officially released...
and was launched at the Normanton Acoustic Club the following day. We also played two new tracks - "White" and "Disguise". Big thanks to John Montague and everyone there for a great evening. Pics here!
2nd May 2007
Rutland Radio logo
ZOO on the radio! We chatted and played a track ("Annie") from Greenhouse with Graham Wright on Rutland Radio. Pictures in the Gallery. Listen to the interview (mp3, 4Mb)
26th April 2007Vote for ZOO on the Stamford Mercury website! That way we'll be guaranteed a slot at the Riverside Festival on 7th July. You may want to listen to some of the mp3s on our site, rather than their rather ropey version of "Wilderness"!
Also, downloads of "Dirty" and "This Time" from Greenhouse can now be found on Z00's MySpace.
23rd April 2007New gig dates: Normanton, 8th May; Durham, 18th May; Envirofest at Rufford, 17th June. More info on the Gigs page.
21st April 2007Private party in Mansfield.
27th March 2007Check out ZOO's new page on the MusicFinity website...and vote for us!
17th March 2007
At last - our own dressing room!
ZOO played a 30 minute set as special guests of the Grand Central Chorus at a Charity Show in aid of 'Coping with Cancer', at the 'Y Theatre' in Leicester. A few Zoo firsts: first gig in a theatre, first gig with a curtain, first gig that required us to set-up in ten minutes, and de-rig in five minutes, behind said curtain, first gig with a dressing room!
We had a great time! Thanks to Mick for asking us, Ron for impeccable management, Len (the compere without compare!), and Steve and Martin at the Y for stage and light assistance. Pictures in the Gallery.
February 2007
Red Admiral Records logo
Well, now that everything's been signed, we can announce a deal with Red Admiral Records. Greenhouse will be released nationally on their label - check out your local record shop soon.
At the same time, we've signed a publishing deal for the tracks on Greenhouse with Cringe Music Publishers.
And we're on the verge of sorting out the promotion of the new album...more soon.
Meanwhile, we've had the glass master of Greenhouse from CopySound for checking, and as soon as we get the MCPS codes, they'll be pressing the first batch.
Finally: David Ives plays flute on some of the Greenhouse tracks; he also plays a mean piano: check out his YouTube PianoCam!
Finally finally...we've just had all of our gear PAT tested! By Ian Godlington at www.gntelectrical.co.uk
February 2007
Greenhouse cover
We've finished mixing the Greenhouse CD, and it will shortly be going to CopySound for mastering and copying. The artwork for the CD is also nearly complete.
We also have some exciting news about a publishing and distribution deal with a record label, but more on that when everything's agreed.
10th January 2007
We've learnt that the Stamford Riverside Festival won't be happening this year, as costs have spiralled and the main sponsor has pulled out. There's an open meeting at the Newage Social Club on Wharf Road on Sunday 4th February to discuss other ways of staging live music events in Stamford. Update: there will, in fact, be a 'slimmed down' Riverside Festival on July 7th, and we hope to be there...
1st January 2007
Happy Zoo Year from the ZOO team!
12th November 2006
Mr Bear at Rachel's party
Party ZOO! We play at Rachel's birthday at Barrow House on Derwentwater in the Lake District. Pics here.
7th November 2006
Diane Ponzio at Stamford Arts Centre
With classic synchronicity, the band catch the same performers at two different venues: Paul sees John Montague and Diane Ponzio at Stamford Arts Centre, just a few days before Reg and Karen see them at the Normanton Acoustic Club. And if YOU get a chance to see them, take it - superb playing and singing.
18th October 2006
Link to Stamford RiverCare

Greenhouse cover

Three more events to announce:
ZOO are delighted to be playing two sets at the YHA's Barrow House in the Lake District on 11th November, to celebrate Rachel's birthday. Rachel booked us for the Stamford Rivercare 2006 event having seen us at the Stamford Riverside Festival in 2005.
Speaking of Rivercare, the 2007 event will be on Sunday 3rd June, and ZOO (and friends) will be back!
Plus we're very pleased to be performing as special guests of the Grand Central Chorus at a Charity Show in aid of 'Coping with Cancer', at the 'Y Theatre' in Leicester city centre, on 17th March 2007.
Meanwhile, work continues on mixing the Greenhouse CD, which is progressing well.
And we're busily writing new material for the next album!

It's all happening...

27th August 2006
Envirofest at Rufford
ZOO play two sets at Envirofest at Rufford Country Park. Once again the weather was kind, and the crowd enjoyed sets by ZOO, Elmoe and Tamara Reeves. Pics in the gallery. Thanks to all involved, and especially Sean for the sound, Huw & Claire for photos, and the staff at Rufford.
13th August 2006
The Smoke Rooms
ZOO play the Acoustic Lounge Summer Session at the Smoke Rooms in Clapham, London. Forced indoors into the upstairs lounge by the increasingly violent 'summer' weather, we nevertheless had a great time at this lovely and unique venue. Big "Thank You's" to everyone there, particularly the other singers and players, and especially to the Lounge Team of Alastair, Craig, Darrel, Sam and Simon, who made us feel very welcome and did a great job on our sound. And special mention to Diane for supporting us and taking photos...pics in the Gallery.
9th August 2006
From Ufford to Rufford (via London!) - ZOO have added another festival to the summer tour: we'll be playing at Envirofest at the Rufford Country Park (nr Ollerton, Notts) on Sunday 27th August. More details as and when...
2nd August 2006
IMPORTANT: our gig at The Acoustic Lounge in Clapham, London has changed dates :- we'll now be playing on Sunday 13th August as part of their Summer Sessions, and NOT Tuesday 15th August. More info on the Gigs page
30th July 2006
Zoo at Ufford
ZOO play the Ufford Ales Beer Festival at The White Hart, Ufford, near Stamford. Thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed an afternoon of ale and live music, in the lovely setting overlooking the village. Pics here
24th June 2006
Terry Dixon
It's with great sadness that we learn of the deaths of brothers Terry and Tony Dixon, in a fishing accident on the Welsh coast. Terry and Tony were talented musicians, Terry being the front-man and Tony being the drummer in the Jake Salu Band, which had great local success in the late 1990s. Our thoughts are with their families.
23rd June 2006
Another date for the diary: continuing the ZOO 'summer season' of Sunday afternoon open air mini-fests, we'll be at the Ufford Ales Beer Festival, at the White Hart in Ufford, near Stamford, Lincs, on Sunday 30th July. The beer fest will be open from 12 noon until 6pm, and we'll be playing from around 2 until 5:30. More on the Gigs Page.
14th June 2006
Endangered Species cover

ZOO get a rave review of "Endangered Species" from Spare Room Music:

"I suspect that anyone who enjoys contemporary jazz will already be familiar with the work of Zoo. The trio from Derbyshire come across as highly polished professionals with their feet stuck firmly in the style of music they obviously love. Everything on this CD oozes of class, from the exquisite musicianship, stylised vocals, crisp and clear production and packaging. A quality piece of work and must have for all jazz lovers."

11th June 2006
Deepdale, Norfolk
ZOO play the Deepdale Food and Drink Festival in beautiful North Norfolk; pictures in the Gallery.
9th - 11th June 2006
Stamford Guitar Festival
Stamford Guitar Festival - a great event of gigs and workshops. Personal highlights include workshops with David Qualey, Clive Carroll, Dave Kelbie and Angelo Debarre. P
4th June 2006
RiverCare, Stamford
Thanks to everyone who kept their fingers crossed for fine weather...Sunday 4th June was a glorious day, and the RiverCare Event in Stamford was a great success. Pics of ZOO and Ayla in the Gallery.
2nd June 2006
Deepdale flyer
Not-so-advanced gig notice - we'll be playing all afternoon at the Deepdale Food and Drink Festival, on the beautiful North Norfolk coast, on Sunday 11th June. Details on the Gigs page.
26th May 2006
Advanced gig notice - London's Acoustic Lounge - 15th August - more details on the Gigs page soon...
22nd May 2006
Rivercare flyer
Latest news on the Rivercare gig (4th June in Stamford, Lincs): we're delighted to announce that Ayla Schafer will be guesting. Ayla is an incredibly talented singer/song-writer/guitarist/pianist who has recently worked in the studio with Reg and Karen.
10th May 2006
ZOO now have pages on MySpace and Spare Room Music
13th March 2006
Glasshouse flyer
Another gig confirmed: Sunday 2nd April 2006 at the Glasshouse in Derby (formerly the Vida Cafe Bar). Kick off 8:30pm; lots of new material to showcase. Details and flyer on the Gigs page. Now cancelled due to a double-booking at the venue.
20th-22nd January 2006
Zoo in the studio
In an intensive 3-day stint in the studio, ZOO lay down the basis of the next CD and EP project, code name "Greenhouse". The foundations of 19 tracks are recorded, representing the cream of the band's collective writing over the last year. More pics in the Gallery.
1st January 2006
Happy ZOO Year from all at the ZOO team
18th December 2005
Link to Stamford RiverCare
An advance date for your 2006 diary: ZOO are delighted to be playing at the Welland River Day, an event organised by the Stamford RiverCare Group, on Sunday 4th June 2006. More details on the Gigs page.
18th December 2005
Vida Flyer
ZOO return to the Vida Cafe Bar in Derby for an evening of 'festive jazz', including an arrangement of 'God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen' that was so chilled it froze the audience! Only one pic...
5th December 2005
Another gig date confirmed: Sunday 18th December at Vida in Derby. Details on the Gigs page.
Plus: Karen's been working on video projection sequences, Reg has got a new job as a Youth Music Worker with Notts County Council, and Paul is teaching guitar. It's all go at ZOO!
1st November 2005
Madeleine Peyroux - pic by Paul
ZOO catch Madeleine Peyroux at Warwick Arts Centre. Some lovely playing and singing by this very talented lady.
24th October 2005
Link to iSound.com
"Big Rain", "A-19" and "In Different Places" have been approved for distribution on the iSound site. This means the songs are available on all sections of the web site, not just our artist's site. Cool!
18th October 2005
Zoo at the Vida Bar, Derby, 18-10-2005
ZOO play a storming gig at the Vida Cafe Bar in Derby...pictures here...
6th October 2005
The Marrs Bar logo
We're sorry to hear that Brian Marrs of Worcester's superb venue The Marrs Bar has had a motorcycle accident and will be laid up for a few weeks. Take it easy, mate, and get well soon.
26th September 2005
The Works logo
Reg's involvement with The Works Rockschool Project culminates with the Showpiece Gig and A&R Industry Seminar in Worksop. Details at The Works website.
18th September 2005
Work starts on the new CD project - working title "Greenhouse" - with the selection of tracks. It's been a prolific year, and tempting as it may be to produce a 3-disk compilation, we've identified 14 definitive tracks to start recording.
14th September 2005
Link to iSound.com

Welcome back! We hope you've had a good summer.

ZOO are now listed in iSound.com
"iSOUND.COM is creating the ultimate online music community. Whether you are a fan, a musician or a record label, we are the place to be for all that is music online."

29th July 2005
Antonio Forcione - pic by Paul

We catch Antonio Forcione and his Quartet at Southwell Minster - a truly breath-taking display of musicianship in a truly magnificent setting.

Find out more about Antonio and his latest recording "Tears of Joy" at www.antonioforcione.com

28th July 2005
Another ZOO date for your diary: after a summer break, we're back at the Vida Café Bar in Derby on Tuesday 18th October. More details on the gigs page.
20th July 2005
ZOO play the Derby Beer Festival at Ye Olde Dolphin Inn - pictures here.
2nd July 2005
ZOO return to the excellent Stamford Riverside Festival - pictures here.
14th June 2005
Ben Folds Songs for Silverman
Ben Folds visits De Montfort Hall in Leicester to play the gig postponed from last November, and treats us to a storming performance of material from the new album, and favourites from previous releases. Thanks, Ben - well worth the wait!
10th June 2005
Another gig: we're playing at the Derby Beer Festival, in Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, on Wednesday 20th July. Details on the Gigs Page.
24th May 2005
Andy Hawkins, engineer extraordinaire
We learn that Andy Hawkins, our good friend who recorded and engineered 'Sinistra' and 'Discovery of Land' at Five Mile High Studios in Peterborough, is moving to Leeds to join the Pravda studio. At some time in the future we'll work together again; in the meantime, good luck and best wishes, Andy.
22nd May 2005
ZOO play the Vida Café Bar in Derby: great place, great people, and a real possibility of regular gigs there. Pictures here.
10th May 2005
A festival date for your diary: we're playing Stamford Riverside Festival again, on Saturday 2nd July. Details on the Gigs Page.
25th April 2005
Reg performs specially composed film music as part of Musical Futures project 'Image Junction', with Halle Orchestra ALEAtronic group, Confetti Studios and students from Fairham Community College, Nottingham. Promoted by guitarist Chris Summerlin - website honeyisfunny.com
11th March 2005
We're hard at 'work' writing and rehearsing for the next CD, plus listening to new quality output from a variety of artists, including Doves and Madeleine Peyroux. Some site changes - we've updated the Links page to be more useful, removed a few obscure image links, and we'll be changing the Gallery page to be more, well, interesting! Stay warm! And vote for Kim: 09011 2112 01!
15th February 2005
A gig date: Sunday 22nd May, at Vida Café Bar in Derby. Details on the Gigs Page.
26th January 2005
Catch Reg as an extra in BBC1's afternoon play "The Good Citizen" - he's a papparazzi photographer.
1st January 2005
Happy ZOO Year!
25 December 2004
Seasons Greetings from ZOO! Wishing you all a happy and healthy time.
7 December 2004
Endangered Species cover
Endangered Species is mastered and duplicated at CopySound, and we are delighted with it (modesty, modesty!). Get your copy for £10 - ordering details on the Order page.
23 November 2004
Sting at NEC, by Paul
We finally get to see Sting at the NEC (following his tour cancellation in May). We weren't disappointed!

14 November 2004
Ben Folds

John Peel (BBC)

k.d. lang

Endangered Species is finished and ready for copying...

"Get well soon" to Ben Folds, who has just had to cancel his European tour due to a respiratory infection.

We mourn the premature departure of John Peel, broadcaster, champion of unsigned bands and genuine nice bloke. Paul met John and Sheila at Newmarket Races once, and left John with a copy of Discovery of Land. Probably not really to John's taste, but we'd like to think he listened to at least one track. Read John's obituary on the BBC web site.

k.d. lang appeared on BBC's "Later with Jools Holland" and only got to sing one song (a beautiful rendition of Cohen's "Halleluyah"). What a waste! Fortunately she also guested on Johnnie Walker's Drivetime BBC Radio 2 programme and played a number of songs, as well as giving a candid and good humoured interview.

7 November 2004
Work continues mastering Endangered Species.
Plus one for the geeks: a change to the way the ZOO websites link to each other, and other sites: now always in the same browser window, as recommended by Jakob Neilson. If you want to open a page in a new window, right-click on the link and select 'Open in New Window'.
10 October 2004
After September breaks in Ireland and Scotland, ZOO reconvene to put the finishing touches to "Endangered Species". Launch is imminent...
15 August 2004
ZOO play the Kilsyth International Carnival - pictures here.
10 August 2004
The Kilsyth Festival at Glasgow looms large on the 15th. Latest information is that we'll be playing on Stage 1 between 2.35 and 3.00pm, and then on Stage 2 between 4.45 and 5.30pm. Our set lists include long-established 'classics' such as "Extraordinary", "Driving In The Rain", "The White Room", "Not There" and "Waiting" (though extensively re-worked in their current arrangements!), and new material from the forthcoming "Endangered Species" CD including "In Different Places", "Somewhere Else", "A19", "Big Rain" and "That's It". [Links are to mp3s, ranging in size from 1 to 2 Mb; A19 is 4Mb].

A number of the tracks include our first public use of the electronic rhythms which now feature throughout our music. Fingers crossed for good weather; hope to see you there - come over and say 'Hello'; we may be in a Zoo, but we don't bite!
August 2004
Fopp logo
Work continues on the "Endangered Species" CD - launch date is end August - plus rehearsing for the Glasgow festival, plus working on new material which is destined for a new album, working title 'Greenhouse'. ZOO has also been accepted into the fopp Unsigned Network, and CDs ("In Between The Silence", and an "Endangered Species" Preview CD holding the three tracks below and "You") should be appearing in fopp's chain of shops. Brilliant! Plus some new pics in the Gallery!
July 2004
We've each entered a song into the BBC Radio 2 'Search for a Songwriter' competition - Karen submitted "Green & Red", Paul submitted "That's It", and Reg entered "In Different Places". All three songs are from the new "Endangered Species" CD; click on the links to hear mp3s of the tracks (all around 2Mb).
3 July 2004
We played the Stamford Riverside Festival, and had a great time. Details and pictures here. Roll on Glasgow on 15th August!
June 2004

Work continues with recording parts for the new CD "Endangered Species", plus yet more new material for the CD after that (including a rather cool new arrangement of "Summertime"!).

We now have the times for our slot at the Riverside Festival on 3rd July at Stamford: 13:40 to 14:10. And we also have a set list: "In Different Places", "Extraordinary", "The White Room", "Somewhere Else", "That's It" and "Waiting". See you there...

It's looking hopeful that we'll be playing two 30-minute sets at Glasgow.

May 2004
New Gallery page created, collecting the various photos from around the Zoo web sites and coralling them all onto a few pages.
May 2004
Work on Endangered Species continues, with intensive writing, rehearsing and recording. A track list is drawn up, plus ideas for packaging and promotion - more on the Endangered Species web site.
April 2004
Two more festival dates: Stamford Riverside Festival on 3rd July and Kilsyth International Carnival (KIC) near Glasgow on 15th August. More details on the gigs page.
[Paul spends two weeks in Andalucia, the home of flamenco, and fails to play any guitar. At all. Hopeless!]
March 2004
Zoo photo shoot
Photo shoot with David Taylor.
March 2004
Endangered Species cover
New website established for CD #4, "Endangered Species" - more...
March 2004
All website mp3s recoded at reduced quality ('radio' rather than 'CD') to decrease file size and reduce download time. More...
February 2004
ZOO celebrated their 4th birthday by starting work on the 4th album, working title "Endangered Species". More...
February 2004
MP3s added from "In Between The Silence": check the Zoo mp3 list, or the track list on the "In Between The Silence" web site.
Spring 2004
IBTS cover
ZOO's 3rd CD "In Between The Silence" is launched in Spring 2004. More...
February 2004
Band changes: both Simon and Denise have decided, independently, to leave ZOO, citing 'musical differences'. Karen, Paul and Reg will continue with ZOO in a trio format, and would like to thank Simon and Denise for their invaluable input over the last four years.
Autumn 2003
ZOO continue to edit and refine the new 12-track CD "In Between The Silence".
Summer 2003
ZOO start to record a new CD, using digital recording technology in their rehearsal studio
May 2003
Web site make-over: new photos, mp3s, etc.
March 2003
Marrs Bar logo
ZOO return to Worcester's "Marrs Bar" for a headline gig. Pic here
December 2002
Marrs Bar logo
ZOO gig with Lorna and Silverman at the "Marrs Bar" in Worcester.
October 2002
Cafe Zoo and Radio 1 Live
ZOO perform in Nottingham as part of the Radio 1 'One Live' Event.
July 2002
Discovery of Land cover
ZOO's 2nd CD "Discovery of Land" is now available. More...