Greenhouse by ZOO

- a 14-track CD recorded during 2006 and 2007

- released 7th May 2007
- launched at Normanton Acoustic Club 8th May 2007
- featured by Graham Wright on Rutland Radio - listen to interview
- single "Suddenly" released 15th October 2007

- tracklist:
(click a track name to play a 2 minute mp3 sample)
01. You are the question (5.15) (R Clegg & K Clegg)
02. This time (7.25) (P Biggins, R Clegg & K Clegg)
03. TFN (5.50) (P Biggins, K Clegg & R Clegg)
04. Girl at the window (3.58) (R Clegg & K Clegg)
05. Annie (4.08) (P Biggins)
06. This year (6.09) (R Clegg & K Clegg)
07. Undiscovered (5.31) (K Clegg)
08. Dirty (4.16) (P Biggins)
09. It doesn't matter (5.47) (R Clegg)
10. All this time (3.11) (P Biggins)
11. Keep on coming back (7.10) (R Clegg & K Clegg)
12. Suddenly (4.12) (R Clegg, K Clegg & P Biggins) [Review by ToxicPete]
13. It makes you think (7.00) (R Clegg & K Clegg)
14. What I am supposed to do? (6.36) (P Biggins & R Clegg)
- personnel:
Karen Paul Reg
- images:

- track data:
20.01.06: 'This time' + 'TFN' + 'Girl at the window' + 'It doesn't matter' + 'Suddenly' + 'What am I supposed to do?'
21.01.06: 'Annie' + 'Dirty' + 'All this time' + 'Keep on coming back'
22.01.06: 'You are the question' + 'This year' + 'It makes you think'
except :
13.11.05: 'Undiscovered'
OVERDUBS recorded throughout 2006 & early 2007
- thoughts:

KarenIt's been a year in the making but I'm really pleased with the finished album and delighted to have Dave and Michael join us on three of the tracks. It's been a lot of fun creating and developing the ZOO sound and the journey with Reg and Paul continues to provide for me true inspiration and joy. Thanks also to my family and friends for their continued love and support. Looking forward to another enjoyable year of recording and gigging. Love always to Reg.

PaulI think this is the one: this is the true Zoo sound, honed over the last three years of writing, performing and recording.
The last year has been a blast; my thanks: to Reg & Karen for the laughs, the friendship and the common cause; to Charlotte for her unstinting support and love; to Sharon, Diane, Nichola and Victoria for the bigger picture; to our loyal band of supporters. Px
- credits:
- Written, arranged and recorded by ZOO at The Greenhouse, Derbyshire.
- Produced and mixed by Reg Clegg.
- Greenhouse images by R+K Clegg, except title by P Biggins.
- Band pictures by the band.
Who Played What:
-- SPANISH GUITAR on 'Undiscovered' + 'It makes you think'
-- BASS on 'You are the question' + 'This time' +'TFN' + 'Girl at the window' + 'This year' + 'Dirty' + 'It doesn't matter' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'It makes you think'
-- BOWED BASS on 'It makes you think'
-- PIANO on 'This time' + 'Annie' + 'All this time' + 'Suddenly'
-- KEYBOARD on 'What am I supposed to do?'
-- LEAD VOCALS on 'You are the question' + 'TFN' + 'Girl at the window' + 'Annie' + 'Dirty' + 'It doesn't matter' + 'All this time' + 'Suddenly' + 'It makes you think'
-- BACKING VOCALS/HARMONIES on 'You are the question' + 'This time' + 'Girl at the window' + 'Annie' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'Suddenly'
-- PIANO on 'You are the question' + 'This time'(lead) + 'This year' + 'Undiscovered' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'What am I supposed to do?'
-- KEYBOARDS on 'You are the question' +'Annie' + 'Dirty' + 'It doesn't matter' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'It makes you think'
-- MELODICA on 'Annie'
-- CHIMES on 'All this time'
-- MEGAPHONE on 'Girl at the window'
-- LEAD GUITAR on 'You are the question' + 'This time' +
'This year' + 'Undiscovered' + 'All this time' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'It makes you think'
-- NYLON GUITAR on 'Girl at the window' + 'Annie' + 'It doesn't matter' + 'It makes you think' + 'What am I supposed to do?'
-- RHYTHM GUITAR on 'You are the question' + 'TFN' + 'This year' + 'Dirty' + 'Keep on coming back'
-- BASS on 'Annie' + 'Suddenly'
-- LEAD VOCALS on 'This time' + 'This year' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'What am I supposed to do?'
-- BACKING VOCALS on 'Girl at the window' + 'Annie' + 'This year' + 'Dirty' + 'It doesn't matter' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'It makes you think'
-- ELECTRONIC RHYTHMS on 'You are the question' + 'This time' + 'Annie' + 'This year' + 'It doesn't matter' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'Suddenly' + 'It makes you think' + 'What am I supposed to do?'
-- PERCUSSION/CYMBALS on 'This time' + 'Annie' + 'This year' + 'Keep on coming back' + 'It makes you think'
-- REVERSE CHIMES on 'You are the question'
-- BUZZ WAH on 'Dirty'
-- RADIO on 'Girl at the window'
-- FINGERCLICKS on 'It doesn't matter'
-- KEYBOARD TRUMPET on 'This Year'
-- VINYL on 'Undiscovered'
Special Thanks:
DAVID IVES (website)
-- FLUTE on 'Suddenly' & 'You are the question'
David Ives
-- CLARINET on 'It doesn't matter'
Michael Aggio

- reviews:


Review of "Dirty", Burton Mail, 16th May 2008
Zoo — Dirty (Red Admiral Records) Cheesy, choppy organs and eccentric faux operatic vocals are held together by a drumskin tight rhythm section on this classy and highly impressive crossover jazz nugget from a Derbyshire-based trio that sure can play.
Evidence of this will be available at Dexter’s Jazz Club in Nottingham on Tuesday, May 20, which could well be a chance to catch a future star name when really hot. (Andy Parker)

Review of the new single "Dirty" by FATEA Records, April 2008
Since we last featured Zoo, their most recent album, "Greenhouse" went on to win the 2007 Glasswerk Award for Best Jazz Album. They've also established themselves across the Midlands. "Dirty" taken from that self same "Greenhouse" album, serves as a timely reminder that if you haven't bought the album already, you should at least check it out. It also gives the band, a trio, Paul Biggins, Karen and Reg Clegg an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and say, 'Hey this is us, this is what we're about, good contemporary jazz.'

Review of Suddenly by County Times

Review of "Suddenly" by the Hartlepool Mail, October 2007
Light and airy like summer clouds this jazzy number drifts by, helped on its way by the Cleo Laine-esque vocals and lazy double bass. Interesting, but very laid back.

Review of "Suddenly" by FATEA, November 2007
"Suddenly" is the first single from Zoo's criticallly acclaimed "Greenhouse" album. Hopefully it'll garner some of the attention needed to push the album from critical success to a significant commercial one. Zoo are a jazz trio that create a sensitive blend of the acoustic and the electric. "Suddenly" has a groove that gives the impression of the vocalist laid across a grand piano focusing her attention on one member of the audience, in this case you. It's relaxed, but with an edge. Realisation dawns as the song's being performed that it's not the same as it was.

Review of "Greenhouse" by Jazzwise, February 2008
Vocalist Karen Clegg (a kind of jazzy Sandy Denny), Reg Clegg and Paul Biggins make up Derbyshire trio Zoo. They blend jazz chords and 80s indie guitar melancholia with a shade of electronics. (Two stars)

Response to "Suddenly" radio play on Rutland FM, October 2007
I'd just like to say I was listening to the charts on Saturday night and heard the new single from local band Zoo. I think it was really good.
Are you likely to be playing more of their stuff? Do you know if they have a CD out? Can you tell me anything more about them, please?

Review of "Suddenly" by Toxic Pete, August 2007
Zoo - Single - Suddenly

Zoo are a jazz combo that are trying to make the often misunderstood and all too frequently maligned genre more accessible and understandable. 'Suddenly' is their new single available on download from October 15th.

Without going into all the arguments for and against jazz I feel I should straight away say that 'Suddenly' isn't gonna tax yer brain too much. 'Suddenly' is slick and sexy, gently persuasive and very easy on the ear. There's no self-indulgence to be found anywhere here - ok, I know it's only a single of just over four minutes but Zoo keep it all nicely laid back and very much a no-frills kinda thing.

Subtle percussion offers loads of space for the expansive bass work to cast its magic and with delicate piano and flute set against the bright, precise vocals the whole thing melds seamlessly into a damn fine piece of nu-jazz - as chilled as you want it to be or, as vibrant as you want to make it.

The piece is a 'live' recording and probably benefits by being nicely loose (in the most controlled way!); it shows that jazz can indeed be a musical art-form for the twenty-first century and bodes well for future Zoo releases. 'Suddenly' by Zoo is a pleasantly laid back piece of accessible jazz that you can enjoy for exactly what it is - you don't have to think too much or be a jazz buff to get what Zoo are doin'! Very nice, very pleasurable and refreshingly different - oh, and certainly nothing to be the slightest bit frightened of!

Peter J Brown aka toxic pete (

(Rhythm & Booze rating 8)

Review of "Greenhouse" by FATEA, April 2007
With the exception of most of the opening track, "You Are The Question", "Greenhouse" is a highly evocative and entertaining that draws heavily on jazz and mixes it into intimate and rich harmonies. Whilst sounding simple, Zoo, manage to hide a wealth of complex interactiosn into their songs with out ever managing to disappear up their own backside. Even as a three piece it can be too easy to over indulge in this sort of album, chosing to show how well you can play rather than providing something that reaches out to the audience. "Greenhouse" reaches out and enchants.