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Zoo - the band
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Headlines: Saturday 8th October 2016: ZOO at Nottingham Contemporary

ZOO - Reg Clegg
Reg Clegg: guitars, basses, vocals
ZOO - John Sanderson
John Sanderson: saxes, clarinet, flute
ZOO - Paul Biggins
Paul Biggins: guitar, bass, keyboards
ZOO - Karen Clegg
Karen Clegg: vocals, keyboards, melodica

Jonathan Curtis: drums, percussion

ZOO are a jazz-fusion group based in the East Midlands

jazz-infused songwriting, electronic and acoustic instruments, a distinctive blend of warm, absorbing and emotive, beautifully intimate and atmospheric music, with rich harmonies and instrumentation

Everything but the Girl meets Suzanne Vega,’... Miles Davis, St Germain, Al Di Meola, Jamiroquai, Pat Metheny, Radiohead, Lalo Schifrin, Isley Brothers, Massive Attack...

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Winners of the category
Best Jazz Artists
at the Glasswerk 2007
New Music Awards

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The Jet Collective - click for the web site

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ZOO recordings and samples
(all mp3)
MiLLIONS, 2013
ZOO - Millions - click for the website 'City' video

ZOO - Psychodrama - click for the website

Disguyse (2.7Mb)
Life in a Day (1.9Mb)
Could've (2.2Mb)
Electric (3.4Mb)
Adaggio (3.1Mb)
Chilled (2.1Mb)

ZOO - End of the Telegraph Wires - click for the web site
Button by Button (4.2Mb)
These Things Happen (3.6Mb)
Big Red Bus (5.4Mb)
Like a Knife (3.8Mb)
Kill a Man Today (3.6Mb)
Changes (4.2Mb)
ZOO - Greenhouse - click for the web site
You Are The Question (4.3Mb)
TFN (4.5Mb)
Annie (3.6Mb)
It Doesn't Matter (3.7Mb)
Suddenly (2.6Mb)
It Makes You Think (3.0Mb)
Endangered Species, 2006 (not on iTunes!)
ZOO - Endangered Species - click for the web site
In Different Places (4.2Mb)
Green & Red (5.2Mb)
Black & White Stories (7.1Mb)
That's It (4.3Mb)
Big Rain (5.6Mb)
A-19 (8.4Mb)
David Ives
ZOO - David Ives
Ben Lee
ZOO - Ben Lee
Michael Aggio
ZOO - Michael Aggio
Guy Barker
ZOO - Guy Barker
Nick Smart
ZOO - Nick Smart
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