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Sinistra, Latin (and Italian) for 'left', and the debut 5-track CD from the 5-piece ensemble ZOO, recorded at the Five Mile High Studios in Peterborough on 28th and 29th May 2001.

The name reflects the occasional 'darkness' that these songs have, succinctly observed by sound engineer Andy Hawkins as "...nice music, but with a sinister edge".

But it's also a word with a foreign-sounding 'intrigue' and 'mystique'.

Like most things with ZOO, it works on different levels.

Arranged by ZOO
Produced by ZOO and Andy Hawkins
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Andy Hawkins
5 Mile High Studio - 01733 555505 | Andy Hawkins - 07775 877948

© All images, text, lyrics, music and designs associated with this CD are copyright Z00 Projects 2001/2002.