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"Endangered Species" written, arranged and recorded by ZOO at The Greenhouse, Derbyshire.
Produced & Mixed by Reg Clegg

Special Thanks
Greg Hoeth
  • species and climate voiceover on "A-19"
  • voiceover on "Survived"

thunder - rain - wind - sea - road noise - building - helicopter - answerphone - television news - people talking (as they do)

Who Designed What
CD Sleeve: Reg Clegg
Web site: Paul Biggins / d-zine

Who Copied What
Mastering and Duplication by CopySound



Karen Clegg
Karen, by Paul
  • vocals
  • recorders
  • piano on "Green & red" + "Somewhere else" + "A-19" + "I'm changing"
  • keyboards
  • percussion on "In Different Places" + "Somewhere else" + "Big Rain"
  • megaphone on "White shirt, black trousers"
Paul Biggins
Paul, by Charlotte
  • spanish guitar
  • bass on "A-19" + "Big Rain"
  • piano on "I can't believe I let you down" + "That's It" + "White shirt, black trousers" + "You"
  • piano bits on "Green & red"
  • electronic rhythms on "A-19"
  • bass feedback on "A-19"
Reg Clegg
Reg, by Paul
  • lead, nylon, acoustic and slide guitars
  • vocals
  • bass on "In different places" + "Green & red" + "Wilderness" + "People talk"
  • electronic rhythms
  • percussion on "In different places" + "Wilderness" + "I can't believe I let you down" + "Green & red"
  • e-bow loops and guitar noises on "People talk"
  • guitar neck rhythm on "Somewhere else"


All images from the private collection of Mavis and John Roper, except:
P Biggins: "I can't believe I let you down", "Black and white stories", Aerial landscape
K Clegg: "Wilderness", "Green & red", "A-19", "Big Rain"
R Clegg: "I'm changing", "White shirt, black trousers"
ZOO portraits by the band and David Taylor