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ZOO - Endangered Species - cover

Thanks, friends and families - you know who you are, and we couldn't have made this without you.
Karen / Reg / Paul

Karen: A Great Journey
Endangered Species has been a great journey this year. I'm very proud of this album and love the various atmospheres we've created as well as some of the very personal ideas and stories we've chosen. I've loved the level of creativity and laughter we shared this year and I'm looking forward to next year's project and playing some of our favourite tracks live.

Reg: Recording and producing
This album has been a joy to put together, and the level of detail that we have all gone to is testament to the labour of love it became. We have combined a number of natural ambiences with the pieces, as well as stretching our ideas and possibilities. Indeed, we feel that there are no barriers to our creative ideas, and are already amassing a wealth of new material to take us beyond what we have achieved on this album. The two 'suites' of songs began to emerge quite late in the project, yet fit together effectively whether it is about intimate experiences or global reflections. 'Endangered Species', like ZOO, is about songs, ideas and moving forward positively and optimistically.

Paul: Writing and performing
This album is a creation of which we are all very proud. For me, it represents the re-opening of a songwriting book that had been closed for some years. Zoo has the format and focus to deliver intimate, meaningful lyrics within a diverse musical envelope, both on CD and on stage. It's been a pleasure to work with my great friends Reg and Karen in producing this collection, and promoting our work at festivals, during 2004.